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File:ETSI ZSM PoC logo.jpg

This common banner is to be used by ZSM PoC teams (in combination with the logos of the organizations participating to the PoC if applicable) on their ZSM PoC communication material.

Download ZSM PoC banner (jpg)

ZSM PoC Disclaimer

The following text shall appear on all documentation, printed or electronic, describing a ZSM PoC which has been accepted by the ISG ZSM, such as reports, white papers, promotional literature etc. The two paragraphs above may be presented in different locations on such documentation.

"This ZSM Proof of Concept has been developed according to the ETSI ISG ZSM Proof of Concept Framework. ZSM Proofs of Concept are intended to demonstrate ZSM as a viable technology. Results are fed back to the Industry Specification Group.

Neither ETSI, its Industry Specification Group ZSM, nor their members make any endorsement of any product or implementation claiming to demonstrate or conform to ZSM. No verification or test has been performed by ETSI on any part of this ZSM Proof of Concept."

ETSI Members and Participants in the ISG ZSM are invited to use the ETSI logo to publicise or highlight their involvement in or membership in ISG ZSM activities. The logo shall not be used in any manner which might be mistaken to imply ETSI or ISG ZSM certification or endorsement of a product or service.

When using the ETSI logo you agree to comply with the ETSI Brand Guidelines. The following trademark acknowledgement text shall also be used on documentation containing the ETSI logo.

“The ETSI logo is a Trade Mark of ETSI registered for the benefit of its Members.”

For further details, please refer to the following documents:

Download ETSI Brand Guidelines

Download Collective Letter #1943

Download TM Usage Guidelines

or contact ETSI CTI