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- I would like to submit a ZSM POC proposal where can I find a Word version of the template?

The ZSM PoC Proposal and Report Templates are available at PoC Framework

- Do all of the PoC Team members have to be ISG ZSM Participants/Members?

No, it is only required that (at least) the main point of contact of the POC is an ISG ZSM Member or Participant. PoC Proposal Acceptance Criteria are described in section 4.3 of the ZSM PoC Framework and summarized PoC Framework page

- Can we include PoC Demos that happened in the past (as PoC Project milestones) in the PoC Proposal?

While PoC Demos that occurred in the past can be mentioned as PoC Project milestones, only PoC Demos happening in the future will be considered at the PoC Proposal review time: moreover, it will be required that at least one PoC demo (f2f or webinar) occurs in the future and can eventually be attended by the ZSM community.

- How do I submit the completed ZSM PoC Proposal?

Once your PoC Proposal completed, you need to: 1) upload it to the ETSI portal as a regular contribution to ISG ZSM 2) send an email to ISG_ZSM@LIST.ETSI.ORG with [ZSM PoC Proposal] in the subject line and include a link to the uploaded contribution included in the body. To be able to post your email, you will need to subscribe to that list if not already done. See section 4.2 of the PoC Framework for further details.

- I have submitted a PoC Proposal, what happens next?

Your PoC Proposal will be reviewed by the PoC Management team. This may take up to 14 days. The PoC Management Team will get back to you with some feedback before the end of ts period. If clarifications or additional information is requested by the PoC Management Team, you can revise the PoC Proposal addressing this feedback and re-submit it.