PoC 5 On-demand Non-Public Networks (NPNs) for industry 4.0: zero-touch provisioning practices in public-private network environments.

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PoC Team

  • Telefónica
  • Fundaciò i2CAT
  • NextWorks
  • Interdigital
  • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Main Contact

  • Jose Ordonez-Lucena (joseantonio.ordonezlucena_at_telefonica.com)
  • Diego R. López (diego.r.lopez_at_telefonica.com)


After interviews with real-world industry 4.0 verticals, participants have identified the as-is situation: nowadays, autonomous Guide Vehicles (AGV) navigate autonomously in a factory, and the vertical does not know how often it does stop, and why. The objective is to PoC is to precisely allow the vertical to gain this knowledge (business intelligence), and then use it to optimize AGV trajectories (e.g., replan trajectory). This PoC is conceived to demonstrate the use of ZSM services and associated zero-touch management capabilities to provision a private 5G network on-demand. This private 5G network will be used to enhance autonomous navigation of AGV in the shop floor of a factory, allowing a remote worker to keep track of AGV trajectory and alert him/her on unexpected incidents (also known as disturbances) that cause deviations from the planned route. When the unexpected incident happens, the AGV slows down or stops, captures a photo on what is in front of it with the on-board camera, and sends the photo to a pre-trained obstacle detection function. This application identifies that the root cause of the incident is an obstacle, and notifies the remote worker accordingly, with the coordinates where the obstacle is, together with the photo taken. The private 5G network will not be confined to on-premises infrastructure; in fact, it will rely on the capabilities of telco edge computing to host obstacle detection function. The result is a PNI-NPN. To make an agile yet efficient provisioning of the PNI-NPN, network slicing will be used.

PoC Proposal

Full PoC proposal on etsi portal as ZSM(22)000125r1 - Download pdf