PoC 6 Security SLA assurance in 5G network slices.

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PoC Team

  • Telefónica
  • Universidad de Murcia
  • Montimage
  • CTTC

Main Contact

  • Antonio Pastor (antonio.pastorperales_at_telefonica.com)
  • Diego R. López (diego.r.lopez_at_telefonica.com)


This PoC aims to showcase a security closed-loop across multiple domains and sites interconnected using a security framework based on ZSM Reference Architecture (ZSM 002) and an E2E slice orchestration solution based on the principles of ZSM 003. To that end, the demo showcases the request and implementation for two network slices with specific security demands expressed as Security Service Level Agreements (SSLAs) between a 5G network slice Broker and a 5G operator. The PoC will also implement closed-loop automation to ensure the SSLAs compliance in case of security breaches. Two different network slices will be deployed and monitored, one related to providing secure slice connectivity between and access and a 5G Core network domains and the second for IoT-related services.

The solution is based on the technology developed in the INSPIRE-5Gplus EU-funded project [1]. This project has taken the ZSM reference architecture as the baseline to create a solution to address security demands and develop several security enablers. It will demonstrate how they can be integrated to address security problems.

PoC Proposal

Full PoC proposal on ETSI portal as ZSM(22)000230r1 - Download pdf

PoC Topics

This PoC is WORKING on:

PoC Demo

  • Demo 1, Sept 2022, PoC public Demo at ETSI Security Conference, 3-5th October 2022 [2]

Other links

[1] H2020 project INSPIRE-5Gplus: https://www.inspire-5gplus.eu/

[2]  Video available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9H4PYUeYEQ

PoC Reports

  • Contributions on lessons learnt, Oct 2022, Feedback and insight, identification, and contributions roadmap in open ZSM WI.
  • PoC Report, Nov 2022, PoC-Project-End Feedback with final presentation.