Topic1 - Demonstration of ZSM Scenarios

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Demonstrate a service scenario that showcases ZSM principles to help build commercial awareness and confidence in ZSM concepts.

A PoC contributing to this topic is expected to illustrate the scenario(s), show the value of automation, describe some typical design patterns and derive some lessons learnt and requirements.

PoCs under this PoC topic are encouraged to demonstrate scenarios from ZSM001. It is also possible to demonstrate scenarios not covered by ZSM001, as long as these have a clear relationship to the automation of network and service management. If a scenario is not covered by ZSM001 it must be documented in the PoC report.

While ZSM PoC Topic PT01 is broad with potentially wide implications, it is important that PoC Teams endeavor to be focused in their work and produce clear demonstrations, reports and contributions that advance the work of the ISG ZSM.


OBSOLETE (decision at ZSM#04, Oct 2018)

Points to prove/refute

What aspects of automation were used to support the PoC, what means where used, and how did it help the PoC?

Criteria of success

Document how the service scenario has been implemented.

Technical information to be provided by the PoC Team

  • Scenario description
  • High-level PoC architecture
  • Specifics on the issues faced
  • Specifics on the solutions provided
  • Specifics on the lessons learnt

Template for the PoC Feedback Contribution

No specific template, PoC Teams addressing this topic will submit a technical report covering the above-mentioned points.

Concerned WIs

  • ZSM-001 “Requirements based on documented scenarios and use cases”

If ZSM-001 "current status" is different from "Publication" (check here), then download the latest draft version from the ZSM Open Area.

If ZSM-001 is published, then download it from here.

PoC Topic Coordinator

The PoC topic coordinator is a person involved in ISG ZSM and able to:

  1. explain and answer questions related to the PoC Topic.
  2. link with the related Work Item.

Example: PoC Topic proponent, …, WI rapporteur, … , other.

Contributions (feedback) deadline

December 31, 2019

Indicates by when (latest) the feedback is expected from PoC Teams. This date provides an indication of the topic life expectation and may be revised in needed.