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= Concerned WIs =
= Concerned WIs =
[https://portal.etsi.org/webapp/WorkProgram/Report_WorkItem.asp?WKI_ID=54295 ZSM-002] “Reference Architecture”
* [https://portal.etsi.org/webapp/WorkProgram/Report_WorkItem.asp?WKI_ID=54295 ZSM-002] “Reference Architecture”
[https://portal.etsi.org/webapp/WorkProgram/Report_WorkItem.asp?WKI_ID=56825 ZSM-008] “Cross-domain E2E service lifecycle management”
* [https://portal.etsi.org/webapp/WorkProgram/Report_WorkItem.asp?WKI_ID=56825 ZSM-008] “Cross-domain E2E service lifecycle management”

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The introduction of user-driven E2E services calls for drastically increased automation in the management of networks and services. The expectations on high service flexibility in combination with the ability to serve new categories of customers require a dynamic infrastructure and continuous redisposition. The E2E service relies on the participation of several domains.

Status ACTIVE (Approved at ZSM#17, Oct 2021)

Points to prove/refute

What aspects of automation were used to support the PoC, which means were used, and how did it enrich the PoC?

Criteria of success

Document how the scenarios, management solutions or management interfaces have been implemented.

Technical information to be provided by the PoC Team

• Scenario, management solution or management interface description

• High-level PoC architecture

• Specifics on the issues faced

• Specifics on the solutions provided

• Specifics on the lessons learnt

Template for the PoC Feedback Contribution

No specific template. POC Teams are expected to submit a Technical Report covering the points mentioned above.

Concerned WIs

  • ZSM-002 “Reference Architecture”
  • ZSM-008 “Cross-domain E2E service lifecycle management”